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This twenty-five inch doll has bisque or ceramic head, hands, and feet. She has dark hair (synthetic) and blue eyes. The eyes are not ceramic, but they do not close. She has a cloth-stuffed body. She is wearing a brown velvet suit with a light tan collar and sleeves of a shiny fabric. She is wearing red leatherette boots.

There are four sheets, typed with a copy of a cover letter from Stuart Symington,US Senate Committee on Armed Services to Colonel Harold J McCrea,McCrea Lake View Cottages, Rockaway Beach MO and three sheets of a copy of a letter from Staunton Brown, Corps of Army Engineers to Stuart Symington, US Senate about water level, Table Rock Dam. 81/2"x11 1/2".

33 and a third rpm phonagraph record of the Red Foley Show, red and white label, brown paper sleeve, #97 and #98. Probably recorded from radio shows produced by Crossroads Productions. Radiozark Enterprises was owned by Ralph Foster, Lester Cox and John Mahaffey.

Black and white photograph of College Street looking west from the Square showing National Shirt Shop and K & K Sandwich Shop.., Heers, Metropolitan Hotel & Brown Bros. Bookstore

A black nightstick/billy club with a brown leather strap belonging to L.R. Small, deputy sheriff of Wright County, Mountain Grove, MO.

Book. 4" X 6.5". Brown cover with black print. The cover is no longer attached. This book is a "Foreman's Pocket Time Distribution and Material Book" for the Frisco Railroad. It is intended for bridge, building and water service formen to keep a daily record of: daily motor car report, time book, daily distribution of work done and material used and material received or unloaded. This book was never used.

 2001-4.2, 4.3
A Colt Army Special Revolver, probably made around 1905, as that is the latest patent date. The revolver has checkered hard rubber grips, and an oval Colt motif, with a 32-30 caliber. A brown leather holster(2001-4.3) accompanies the revolver, which belonged to L.R. Small., deputy sheriff of Wright County, Mountain Grove, MO.

Black and white photograph of a house that is situated on the " Pie " in the center of the Public Square. The house is covered with snow and it is near Christmas time. The buildings at the southwest corner of the public square and down the south side of College street are shown. The south corner of Heers is also shown. An electric street car is rounding the concrete " Pie ". 2.5 X 4 Inches. Black and white photo print. Paper and emulsion. Worn edges on left and top. Four places where layer is gone. Brown along right and edge on back. ( The house appears to be a model home.) Collection: Photographic

Jeanette Rice, Elsie Adams, Gerald Brooks, Tom Darton. 3rd Row: Kenneth Collins, Margaret (?), Ursalee Darton, Stella Coker, Harrylee Collins, Josephine Wilburn, Elizabeth Thomas, Judy Johnson, Esther Duncan, Dexter McKrimmons, Delbert Herndon. 4th Row: (?) Tompkins, Oscar Morrison, Lisa S., Gary Adams, Ashley S., Richard Brown, Sherman Graves.

Black and white photo of the Public square looking east down St. Louis Street. A small portion of the concrete " Pie " shows in the photograph. The public square is paved with paving bricks. An electric street car is entering the public square from St. Louis Street. Several automobiles are moving on the public square while some are parked on St. Louis Street. The Holland building appears on the left side of the picture. Across the street is the Lewis- Scott sign.

Commencement programs from the Training School of the Springfield Hospital, one dated 1916 and the other dated 1919. Also, invitation to a formal dedication ceremony for Springfield Baptist Hospital, dated 1961. Names listed in graduation programs include: Luella Emilyn Helvey, Nelle Ethleen Dunkeson, Fanny Elizabeth Mallory, Sophia Ellen Beck, Ethel Finley-Bly, Helen Ruth Davies, Lucile Deffenbaugh, Rosella A. Brown (Mt. Vernon), Jennie M. Bryant (South Greenfield), Ada Beryl Darrow (Sleeper), Blanche A. Farwell (Cassville), Lela B. Ford (Wentworth), Maude E. Garbee (Billings), Goldah L. Medlin (Monett), Edna C. VanZandt (Forsyth).

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