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Black and white photo of the students at Brown School in Marionville, MO taken in 1910.

A black and white photograph post card of Dan Yancey and Joe Brown. Dan is sitting and saluting while Joe is holding an American flag outwards. The reverse side has their names typewritten on it.

A baseball contract for Virgil Brown for $3500 salary.

A black and white photo of the Theodore Brown family (Theodore, Virgil, Ralph, Ella, and Minnie Lee) in 1913.

A telegram to Virgil Ace Brown, from Joe Cambia.

A black and white photo of Minnie Lee Brown. See also 2002-881.127

Womens' modified picture hat with flat crown and wide, curved brim. Made of woven or pressed straw or similar material. Covered with light brown net flocked with small brown dots. Label: An Original Cathay of California.

A black and white photo of a young V.J. Brown seated on a tricycle in front of a Christmas tree. Next to the tree is a small chalkboard that says, "V.J. X-mas 1941."

A black and white photo with a one inch black border of 11 railworkers (seated). Written on the top of the photo is, " Row 2 Theodore Brown, second from left."

Black and white photo of BeBop Brown playing the saxophone and Homer Boyd singing.

It is brown, green, cream and tan striped hat with a plastic orange button in the front. It is lined with green lace on the inside and the tag reads "Sandra New York". It was owned by Mary Ruth McShane of Monett, Mo.The hatbox is brown and square with "Macy's Kansas City, Joplin, Mission 22" printed on the top.

A black and white photo of 29 rail workers including, Theodore Brown.

A black and white photo of Minnie Lee Brown Campbell. See also 2002-881.130

Black and white photo of the pastors and church members of Benton Ave. A.M.E. Church, taken inside the sanctuary at 830 N. Benton.

A Frisco Lines Employee card for Theodore Brown. At the bottom of the card it states, "Your earnings are recorded uner the above name and account number which should be shown on all time reports."

A clipping of the Springfield News Leader with a photograph of Mrs. Virgil Brown and text underneath it.

A player's official release notice for Virgil Brown from Club of East Dixie, Greenwood Baseball Club.

A black and white photo of Miss Springfield/Miss Missouri: Sandra Kay Lyle with parents (Max Wallis) and grandmother Brown. Ms. Lyle is now Dr. Sandra House.

A Frisco Lines employee card (1940) for Theodore Brown. The card states, "Association of Greater Frisco Employes' Club."

An employment card (Frisco Lines) for Theodore Brown. It expired on Dec. 31, 1942 and was signed by the Local Financial Secretary, Jas. L, Camp. On the top of the card the months of January to July are punched out.

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