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Three of Fremont School.

A photo of Fremont art students making a history of transportation poster.

A photo of Fremont Manor. Names at bottom difficult to read.

A photo of teacher helping pre-school Headstart at Fremont.

B & w photo of Gen. John C. Fremont.

Black and white photo of a one story, stucco house possibly on S. Fremont near Grand.

John Fremont;s Body Guard commanded by Maj. Charles Zagonyi, charging Confederates, October 25, 1861. Probably from Leslie's Illustrated News or Harper's Weekly. 2 copies.

A photo of Christmas program at Fremont manor.

A black and white photo of female writing on a board for a school assignment at Fremont School. The photo was taken in January of 1974.

A black and white photo of three sixth grade girls working on a class project at Fremont School in January of 1984.

Black aand white photo of Dr. J. E. Tefft School on Pythian St. at the southeast corner of Fremont Ave.

Funeral of Fremont's body guard at public square.

B & w photo of Maj. Charles Zagonyi, commanding John C. Fremont's Body Guard at what is commonly called, Zagonyi's Charge in Springfield, Oct. 1861. Photo is of an original oil painting. 2 copies.

Black and white postcard photo, possibly hand colored, of Pythian Home, red car in front. Built as a clubhouse and home for elderly club members by the Knights of Pythias. Also known as the Pythian Home of Missouri, at Fremont Ave.and Pythian St.

A church directory from 1978. The cover shows both St. John's church on Scott street and St. John's Chapel on Fremont. The directory includes information about the church and it's members in 1978. This item is not able to be scanned.

Copy of an etching from either Leslie's Illustrated News or Harpers of the public square, Springfield, MO of Gen. John C. Fremont's body guard. New courthouse visible on left and fire-damaged red brick courthouse on right.

Black and white photo of sketch , probably from Harper's Weekly, of Springfield public square during funeral of Fremont's Body Guard, killed during the battle of Springfield. Shown in the photo is the new courthouse and old, burned red brick courthouse. Also visible are the state bank and Blakely's Sky Light building.

Scrapbook of Alex (Allesandro) Fellini, Italian American in descent, who had Ford dealership in Springfield for many years. Also see Larry Sansone, Charles Sansone, Gillioz Theatre, Colonial Hotel, Pepperdine School, Chamber of Commerce, Ass. Retailers Assn., vocal music, drama, Shrine Mosque, Kentwood Arms, autumobile, WPA, minstrel, Better Business Bureau, songs, Anchor Broom Mfg. Co., tractors, Frisco Railroad, Allen Foster, Bias, public square, Henry Ford, Lester E. Cox, Ernest Breech, Lincoln, Keet Curran, John Dukewits, Agnes Reeves, Fremont Ave.

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