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  Accession Number:2004-19.5
Accession Date:
Location:Costume Storage Wedding Gowns II/Staley
Keywords:Wedding, Staley, Willard, 1937, headwear, lace, ribbon
Area of Origin:Willard, MO
Category:Clothing, headwear
Description/History:Part of the wedding ensemble worn by Helen Ramona Black when she married Edward Burney Staley in Springfield, Missouri on October 23, 1937. This is possibly some kind of headwear. It is made of netting and lace. It is approximately 17 inches long and 4 1/2 inches wide. It is edged in pink ribbon and has a bow from the same ribbon close the the edge of either end. The center is decorated with gold, pink and green thread and light green ribbon rosettes.
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