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Accession Number:1994-149
Accession Date:
Location:B2; F42; Public Square; Archives; Photo Coll.
Keywords:Photograph of a house on the " Pie " on the Public Square.
Area of Origin:Springfield, Mo.
Period:Ca 1930
Category:Documentary Artifact
Object:Print, photographic
Maker:Kucker Studio
Description/History:Black and white photograph of a house that is situated on the " Pie " in the center of the Public Square. The house is covered with snow and it is near Christmas time. The buildings at the southwest corner of the public square and down the south side of College street are shown. The south corner of Heers is also shown. An electric street car is rounding the concrete " Pie ". 2.5 X 4 Inches. Black and white photo print. Paper and emulsion. Worn edges on left and top. Four places where layer is gone. Brown along right and edge on back. ( The house appears to be a model home.) Collection: Photographic
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