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A black and white portrait photo of Willard Graff.

A small photo-machine photo cut from strip. Young woman has waved short hair and bangs. On the back of the photo is written: Irene Grant, Willard, MO.

Black and white photo of Willard Graff, Springfield Superintendent of Schools.

Floor length satin sheath with adjustable straps. Part of the wedding ensemble worn by Helen Ramona Black when she Married Edward Burney Staley in Springfield, Missouri, October 23, 1937. The dress has a small opening on the left side with three snaps. Helen was from Willard and Edward was from Springfield.

A photo of Willard D. Firestone sitting at his baby grand piano at 1313 S. Jefferson.

A photo of William Everheart, Mrs. Henry, Williams Magers, Dr. Arch Lowe Jr., Superintendent Willard Graff, Franklin Gamble, William Cantrell.

A photo of Board of Education. Front: Henry De Bruin, Turner White, William Magers. Back: Willard Graff, Dr. Lowe Jr. Dr. Lemmon and Franklin Gamble.

A photo of Board of Education. Front: Willard Graff, Dr. Lemmon, Dr. Lowe Jr. Back: Turner White, William Everheard, William Magers and Franklin Gamble.

A photo of Board of Education. Front: Clarence Woolsey, Guy Cowden, Nelle Gibbs, Willard Graff, Paulene Gibson. Back: James Jeffries, Kirby Patterson, Robert Henry, E.A. Martin Jr., Norman Hoeft.

Photo copy of a photograph of Edward Burney Staley of Willard from ca 1940. It is a full length picture of Staley standing in front of hay. He is holding a pitch fork. He is wearing a hat, shirt (with sleeves rolled up) and overalls.

Cummerbund made from four white ribbons. This was part of the wedding ensemble worn by Helen Ramona Black when she married Edward Burney Staley on October23, 1937 in Springfield, Missouri.

Black and white photo of a Lily Tulip Cup Co. employees Christmas party at Riverside Inn, Ozark, Mo. Willard Graff is seated in front. Names listed, Van, Doris Hatfield, Geneva O'Neill, Lena Bush, and Mildred Keene .

These are editorial pages, front and back. There may be advertisements on the back. These are full newsprint sheets.

Rural Directory of Green County, MO listing all rural districts with name and route numbers of inhabitants. Also contains local advertising.

Postcard colored drawing of Saint Agnes Church on South Jefferson Ave. Card was mailed to Mrs. T.M. Watson, RR 1, Willard, Mo. And postmarked July 29, 1912. 3..5 X 5.5 inches, colored print on card stock.

The Royal McBee Review, Vol. 2, No. 4, June, 1960, a monthly company newsletter. This one tells about the dedication of the Springfield plant at 2401 E. Sunshine, on Tuesday, June 7, 1960. Lists management employees.

Photo copy of a photograph of Ramona Black Staley in Willard, MO, ca 1940. She is sitting on some rocks in a flower garder. She is wearing a dress with short sleeves. She is smiling and looking directly into the camera

Verticle photograph of Tatum Chapel under construction. Information on backof photograph reads: Northwest of city between present Municipal Airport and Willard. Still standing in 1979. It is a clapboard church with a bell tower, bell shows. Three men are on the scaffolding in front. 5 X 7 inches. Emulsion on paper. Black and white photograph

Floor length lace overdress to be worn with sheat (2004-19.1) as a wedding dress. This dress was worn by Helen Ramona Black when she narried Edward Burney Staley on October 23, 1937 in Springfield, MO. This overdress has puffed sleeves and is slightly shired at the center front neckline. It has a left side opening which is closed with three snaps and three hooks and eyes. The skirt is made from four panels of lace.

Part of the wedding ensemble worn by Helen Ramona Black when she married Edward Burney Staley in Springfield, Missouri on October 23, 1937. This is possibly some kind of headwear. It is made of netting and lace. It is approximately 17 inches long and 4 1/2 inches wide. It is edged in pink ribbon and has a bow from the same ribbon close the the edge of either end. The center is decorated with gold, pink and green thread and light green ribbon rosettes.

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