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Eight photos of class in hallway at Pleasant View. Crowded conditions.

A photo of Pleasant View girls basketball game.

A photo of Roving teacher at Pleasant View.

A photo of Pleasant View students at Northside Nursing Home.

A photo of Pleasant View - Easter Basket to Northside Nursing Home.

Black and white photo of a group of 14 girls in white dresses pantomiming "Swanee River" at the Pleasant Hope High School.

Black and white photo, mounted on cardboard, of the Pleasant Hill School, a large class posed outside their frame one room school.

Black and white photo of students at the Pleasant Valley School posing for a school picture. The picture was taken by Stuart Photography in 1938-39.

A lithographic view of Springfield. 5.5 X 3.25 Inches

A black and white photo of Dulin family home west of 65, southside of Pleasant Valley Rd.

A black and white photo of an aerial view of Springfield.

Black and white aerial photo of downtown Springfield looking south. The center of the photo shows a vertical view of Campbell Street.

Black and white cabinet card photo of Landon Beale wearing wing tip collar, bow tie and vest with lapels. On the back is written " With compliments and pleasant rememberances of Dr. Landon A. Beale.

A photograph of Prairie View School. The donor attached a note to the picture which reads "My father, Marshall Jackson, attended Prairie View School. On the day that the schools picture was made he had to help his father on the farm and missed being part of this photograph. However he bought one of the pictures and made a hand-made frame for it. The teacher in the middle was Bud Brown, grandfather of Wade Brown.

Page 759 of the Nov. 30, 1861 issue of Harpers Weekly with two engravings of scenes of Springfield. The top scene is a panorama view of Springfield. The bottom view is the Springfield public square looking west with the new courthouse in the background and burned red brick courthouse in the center.

Rural Directory of Green County, MO listing all rural districts with name and route numbers of inhabitants. Also contains local advertising.

Color photocopy of two views of the Godfried General Store, which was established in 1905in Pleasant Valley. The building the store was in also contained the living area of the family. In the exterior picture, the living area is obvious. It has a porch with two large ferns on stands on the porch. There is an outside entrance to the living quarters with steps going up the porch to this entrance. One boy is sitting on the steps. A girl is sitting on the ground to the boy's right. There is another girl to the boys left standing close to a barrell. The store part of the building has a "false front". It has its own porch and entrance. There are sacks and other items on this porch and buckets and some boxes under the porch. Two men in white shirts and bow ties are standing on the porch. One is wearing a hat. Two women in light, long dresses are also on the porch. One is wearing a large hat and the other is carrying a parasol. In the interview view, a woman is standing in front of a counter resting her elbow on a display case. She has dark hair and is wearing a long, light-colored dress. A man is behind the counter. He has dark hair, is wearing a white shirt and a dark bowtie. On the counter is a paper dispenser and a scale. Behind the counder are various goods to buy. Across the room from the counter are brroms, filled sacks, a barrell and other items. There is a door and a window at the back of the picture, both have dark shades on them.

Postcard photograph of brick church with stone foundation and tall spire. Grace Methodist church was located on the Southeast corner of South Ave. and Pershing St. Card was mailed May 8, 1909 to a Misses Eva. And Lula Cowden, Pleasant Hope, Mo. One cent Franklin stamp. 3 X 4 inch on 3.5 X 5.5 inch card stock. Black ink on off-white card stock. 3 copies.

1. Ozark Beach 2. Taneycomo Club,Hollister, Mo.3 Cedar Point 4. A view of Hollister, Mo. 5. Taneycomo Park 6. Rockaway Beach 7. Sunset Inn 8.Camp Perfecto 9 View of Lake Taneycomo, Mo. From Tulsa 10 Long Beach 11. Lake Taneycomo bluffs 12. Forsyth on White River below dam of Lake Taneycomo, Mo. 13. Y.M.C.A. camp aat Hollister, Mo. 14. Kansas House 16.A view of Branson, Mo. 17. Cedar Park 18. Presbyterian Hill. Series of colored postcards joined together and in a packet.

View of a farm from the air. Probably in the Ozarks area.

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