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Black and white photo of a Pickwick Hotel bus by the Pickwick Cab Co. in front of the Pickwick station, probably at the Frisco Depot. In the background is a elevated water tank. There is an automobile parked on the street.

Black and white photo of Pickwick School, which is west of Rountree School. Pickwick had 4 rooms, 8 grades and 4 teachers. Pickwick was annexed to the School System in 1916. Vacated Jan. 1917-pupils moved into Rountree School in January 1917. Rountree had 8 rooms, 8 teachers and 8 grades. Pickwick was a lab school for State Normal School(SMSU) and was a forerunner of Greenwood lab school.

Pickwick street looking north, laying streetcar track. Written on front, "#34". Track was laid out Pickwick to Catalpa because the President of the Springfield Traction Co. lived at that corner.

Color postcard photo of the Springfield Childrens Home, a brick building on a 3 acre lot at Pickwick Place, Cherry St. & Pickwick Ave. Virginia Holland & the Friends in Council women's club founded the home.

A black and white negative of Elm and Pickwick (?).

Color postcard photo of the State Normal School, which shortly after moved to south National. Built ca 1898 by J. A. Taylor as the Springfield Normal School, bounded by Pickwick,Cherry,Weller and Harrison. The Pickwick streetcar line connected it to the town. The former Green Co. poor farm or alms house was attached to the east end as part of the school.The front door faced Pickwick.

Black and white photo of a two story brick house, possibly the Sawyer home on S. Pickwick Ave.

Street car tracks turning the corner. Both streets are not paved. There is a one story frame house at the northeast corner of Elm and Pickwick Streets. 5.5 X 3.5 inches

A black and white negative of Pickwick track construction. See Streets B3 F96.

Black and white photo of the State Normal School, 600 block S. Pickwick, c. 1906 large brick building with tower with five men standing near building. Founded in this building in 1894 as the Springfield Normal and Business College by J. A. Taylor. Became State Normal in 1906, which operated in this building at Pickwick Avenue and Cherrry Street until December 1908.

Black and white postcard photo of the Normal School, Pickwick and Cherry. This building was the predecessor of the Normal School on S. National, later to become Southwest Missouri State Teacher's College and Southwest Missouri State University.

Black and white photo of David S. Rose standing in front of a carriage drawn by two horses. Possibly at the Frisco Depot. A Pickwick Transfer carriage is behind him. Rose, the father of the donor, was born and raised in Brookline, MO. He drove buggies and trucks for much of his working life.

Black and white photo, side view of the Old Springfield Normal School on Pickwick and Cherry. Photograph was taken by J.W. Lee. Later moved to S. National and renamed State Normal School. Became Southwest Mo. State Teachers College and SMSU.

Color postcard photo of the Springfield Normal School at the corner of Pickwick Ave. and Cherry St., facing north toward Cherry. Built by John A. Taylor as a private school, later became the State Normal School.

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