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A front view of the Haseltine Hall of the Marionville College for boys at Marionville, Mo. 5.5 x 3.5 inches

Black and white photo of the M.C.I. Academy graduates of 1900, located in Marionville, MO.

Black and white photo of the students at Brown School in Marionville, MO taken in 1910.

Black and white photo taken of the M.C.I. Academy in Marionville, MO. The photo was taken in May, 1906 by Hinchey Photo.

Post card photo of Christian Church and Methodist Episcopal Church in Marionville, MO. Card addressed to Mrs. Ella M. Bradley, Aurora Mo.

Colored postcard of Methodist Episcopal Church located in El Dorado Springs, Missouri. Writing on back of card addressed to Mrs. George (Mary) Keast by George Keast. Upper and lower right corners of card missing. Geographic location card address, Marionville, Missouri.

black and white photo of the interior of a dress shop with 3 women employees, one may be Florence Bradley, Marionville, Mo.

Letter and envelope from J.F.G. Bentley to Elwyn Bentley. Envelop is addressed by either typewriter or stamp with the words: "Elwyn B. Bentley Esq. Box 483 Andover Mass" and bears a 2 cent stamp.

Photo copy of a certified copy of the original birth certificate of Edward Burney Staley, born February 28, 1912 in Marionville, Lawrence County, Missouri. His father was Burch Staley, who was 31 at the time of Edward's birth. His mother's maiden name was Birdie Burney and she was 24 at the time of Edward's birth. They lived in Willard. The official copy was issued January 17, 1972.

Black and white photo of a group of men gathered in front of a large white pillared and brick home or building. They appear to be businessmen or officials, some are holding cigars. Names and the date - May, 1924 - are written on back of photo. Names are: Andrews-Marionville; Adams ___; Callaway, Spfld; Cow, Aurora; John, director State Eleemosynary Institutions, Coughlan, St.L.; Briton, Spgfld.; Bruton, Mt. V.; Glynn Sp.;Kerr, Springfield; Young, Ozark; Smith-Aurora; Judge Williams; May, 1924, Mt. Vernon MO."

Pocket watch #1343542 that belonged to Jacob Warren Garton, made of silveroid. Garton was born in Greene Co. in 1862 on his parents farm in Wilson township. He attended township schools and high school in Springfield. He later went to the Marionville Collegiate Institute and a business school in Springfield. He farmed in Greene Co, his farm called The Rainbow Farm.

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