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Color postcard view of a road near Ash Grove, MO lined with trees. At the top is printed Greetings from Ash Grove, MO.

Sepia tone postcard of a residential street in Ash Grove, MO in 1908. Addressed to Hattie Jones in Walnut Grove, MO.

Black and white photo of students on the steps of the Ash Grove School, room No. 4. Taken by Henry Kuhn & Son, Headley Block, Boonville St. in Springfield.

Rural Directory of Green County, MO listing all rural districts with name and route numbers of inhabitants. Also contains local advertising.

Black and white photo of a barn in Oak Grove, Ar, with a sign on it advertsing the Oak Grove Garage and Badger Tires.

News-Leader article on consecration of renovated Old Negro Cemetary in Ash Grove, MO.

A collection of 623 funeral notices from W.E. "Bill" Shannon's barber shop in Ash Grove. The collection includes residents from and around Ash Grove from the years 1928-1972.

Black and white photo of a Phelps Grove Park bus full of young women.On the back of the photograph it reads " Private Bus Service to Phelps Grove Park " There is a large bell on the side of the bus.

Scene from a street fair in Ash Grove, Missouri. Men lead cattle in street. People line the street. Back of card contains handwritten note, which is addressed to Miss Maggie Beal, Walnut Grove, Missouri. 3" X 5".Black and white postcard.

Black and white photo, mounted on cardboard, of the walnut grove school, a frame building with a two story front porch and a pointed steeple.

A photo of Oak Grove School.

A photo of two Oak Grove students reading.

Black and White photo of Charles Leeper in his machine shop, the Leeper Machine Co., in Ash Grove, MO. Leeper's address was P.O. Box 185 in Ash Grove.He is standing in front of small steam engines he has made.

Sepia tone photo of a group of young men and women, the Builder's S.S. Class of First Baptist Church, Ash Grove, MO. Photographed on the west steps of Ash Grove High School, near the church

Black and white photo of the Phelps Grove Park City bus, operated by the Springfield Traction Co. has # 4 on side, license no. 171-203. The bus is parked at Phelps Grove Park. Note the field rock building at the rear of the bus.

A photo of Oak Grove class - elementary civics project.

A black and white photo of Phelps Grove. The street is probably Clay.

A photo of Oak Grove United Way campaign.

Black and white postcard of a street in Ash Grove, MO, lined with homes.

A black and white negative of Ash Grove high school.

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